Console Cable in Cisco and its Use on Windows

Console Cable in Cisco and its Use on Windows

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018

Founded by the two computer scientists at Stanford University, Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner in December 1984, the Cisco Systems, Inc. has its headquarters in San Jose, California and is right in the middle of the Silicon Valley. It is a popular American multinational technology company which functions to develop, create and sell all kinds of networking hardware, equipment, telecommunications, and other high-tech amenities and goods. Cisco specializes in explicit tech markets like the Internet of Things (IoT), energy management and domain security via its many acquired businesses, including the OpenDNS, WebEx, Jabber and Jasper.

What is a Console Cable?

A console cable, also known as a rollover cable or a host cable, is a kind of null-modem cable which can be used for the purpose of connecting a computer terminal to a router's console port. As far as appearance is concerned, the cable is basically light blue-colored and flat which helps in differentiating it from other kinds of network wiring. The cable is called rollover because its pinouts at one end are upturned from the other so it looks like as though the cable was rolled over and the user was inspecting it from the other end.

A console cable was created to eradicate the differences in all kinds of RS-232 wiring systems. Of the many, any two RS-232 systems can be connected directly by a standard rollover cable and a connector.

How to Use Console Cable in Cisco on Windows?

Following is the command line to help you use console cable in Cisco on Windows:

  1. To begin with, a user needs to connect the router to a laptop while using the console cable. If there is no serial port on the laptop to attach to the serial end of the console cable, a USB to serial DB-9 adapter may be used to connect the serial end of the console cable to a port on the laptop for the USB.
  2. Next, one needs to figure out the kind of serial port that is used to connect the laptop to the router across the console cable.
  3. Moving on, the user needs to start the terminal emulator program on the laptop. Unless you don’t have a terminal emulator program installed, you need to download and install it on your laptop. For instance, PuTTY.
  4. In case you’ve installed PuTTY, follow the steps given below. Otherwise, follow those for the program that you’re already using to access your router’s command line interface:
  5. Select Session under the category
  6. Select Serial under the connection type
  7. Next, you need to enter the COM port in the serial line on the laptop which is connected to the console port on the router, via a console cable
  8. Choose open
  9. Next, press enters if there is no command line appearing rapidly for the router CLI in the terminal emulator window until it appears.


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