High-Quality Console Cables for Cisco Router

High-Quality Console Cables for Cisco Router

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018

CISCO Systems Inc. is a leading company in networking for the Internet. The founders of Cisco were two computer scientists from Stanford University in December 1984. They were looking for a convenient way to connect various different kinds of computer systems. They released their first product in 1986 and today, the company is a multi-national corporation working in more than 155 countries with over 35,000 employees. At present, Cisco is like a networking foundation for multiple service providers, enterprise customers and small to medium businesses that include firms, government organizations, services, and educational institutions. The company’s networking solutions connect people, their computing devices and networks, thereby letting people transfer information without concerns about time differences place or type of the system.

What is a Console Cable Used for?

A Console Cable is basically used to maintain a serial connection between the serial port of your computer system and the console port on the router that you’ve been using. This is for you to be able to access the Command Line Interface (CLI) of your device.

What to See in Buying the High-Quality Console Cable for Cisco Routers?

There are so many different kinds of console cables which have many similar features. Therefore, it’s quite tricky to choose a quality console cable for your Cisco router. 3 features that must be taken care of are:

  1. If the router is being connected to a (DTE) data terminal equipment or (DCE) data communications equipment device.
  2. If a male or female connector is required on the cable.
  3. What signaling standards are required by the device.

1. DTE or DCE:

There are many devices that can interconnect via console cables. There are two classes of these: DCE and DTE. The two basically differ because of the fact that the DCE device provides with users with greater speeds of communications on the bus. The manuals with the device would indicate whether it is DTE or DCE.

2. Male or Female

You can figure out what the gender of the connector is by examining the connector. One can tell that the connector is a male if the pins project from its base. And it is female if the connector has holes to take in the pins.

3. Signaling

There are various different standards that define the signaling over a console cable. These include EIA/TIA-232, X.21, V.35, EIA/TIA-449, EIA-530, and HSSI. Each one of these types basically describes the signals on the cable and states the connector which is present at the end of the console cable. The manual or document provided with the device must specify the signaling standard which is actually used for that particular device. You must choose a console cable that supports or suits best with the connector on the device.


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