Identifying the Original iPhone Data Cable

Identifying the Original iPhone Data Cable

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018

Your phone along with your data cable can face several damages, that can result in breakage of the wire or even exploding of your phone. This can be due to a few reasons among which the number one highlight is if the data cable is original or fake. A fake data cable can double or even triple your problems if it is in use. For your iPhone, a fake data cable will not work with all access properties. Further, it might even burn your phone and we all know the iPhone is not that cheap to buy.

Another problem that might arise is that your iPhone may not recognize the dupe charger and refuse to charge. iPhone recognizes only genuine data cables, so you may not waste your money on cheap cables beforehand. Duplicates can also heat up your phone or sometimes even result in a short-circuit.

Buy authentic data cable.

Buying the data cable from an authentic store is the easiest way to avoid any fake wires that may create problems in the future. Other than genuine Apple stores, there are other popular stores such as Walmart where you can always buy genuine cables from without worrying about them being fake.

Even if you are planning to buy your iPhone data cable online, for instance, Amazon, buy it from a trusted source instead of some unknown seller because it might turn out fake. There are several trusted websites to get the best quality data cables from such as Ace-clouds, which offer a variety of options to choose from without the risk of getting a fake wire.

Double check MFI certified label.

It is important to check if the data cable you are buying is MFI certified. The MFI certified cable is only provided to the verified and selected providers and manufacturers of the iPhone cables. This label is proof that the data cable is genuine and meets the Apple Company’s standards. The standards can only be met if the data cables are made by the same process and materials as y the Apple company itself. So, if you are buying the data cable online, look up or ask the supplier for its specifications or zoom in to see the label in the product image, product title and the description to check its authenticity.

Look for specific connector design.

Sometimes, even though the duplicate iPhone cable may not heat up and explode, but it will always run into a charging issue that it would not charge your phone or charge the phone extremely slow such that it takes up to 4 or 5 hours, and that can harm your device because of the constant current transfer. Apple has specifically created the data cable such that you can identify the genuine and fake ones at a glance. The genuine cable has certified lightning connections that are constructed of metal and the white portion has circularized corners. Ace-clouds provides you with a number of genuine cell phone data cables if you are looking for a place to buy online genuine cables.

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